Open 10am til 3.30pm monday to friday. If you can't make those times easily, please let me know. 

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Chiropractic, Thermography and  Arterial Stiffness ( Peripheral artery disease ) testing.

Thankyou for popping by the webpage. Nowadays most visitors will know what Chiropractic is!  A few may know about thermography. 

Hence your google search that brought you here! I do both Chiro ( since 2003) and Thermography ( Class 1 clinical thermographer since 2011)  and if you want to learn more then get in touch and we can chat to see if the services are of benefit.  There is loads of information about both on the web so I m not going to try and condense it all on this site. I can also send you the relevant links to sites about thermography and Activator Method of Chiropractic if you are doing some research for yourself before booking in.






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