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I am Liz Bayliss, a holistic health practitioner and qualified Chiropractor and clinical Thermographer. I own the Rose Clinic, part of a 13th century converted corn mill where I live and work in Whitchurch, Hampshire. A peaceful place, it reflects my calm determined quest to put anxious patients at ease and help them talk about the health issues affecting their daily life.

I’m always looking for new techniques. My light bulb moment came at College when I volunteered to be a guinea pig for the new Activator method. With just 3 clicks my back felt better! I am one of a few Chiropractors in the UK who use this technique, together with my IQ machine to get fast, precisely targeted results. It’s not painful; it’s gentle, fast and very accurate.

All my patients share the same fear they are losing control of their health and can no longer do all the everyday things they want to do. So I made it my life’s work to help others get early warning about physiological abnormalities and persistent unexplained pain, then a speedy referral to the NHS to get the right predictive and preventative care. I bought a Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Machine (unique to the UK and one of only 14), and trained as a Thermographer. It needs no GP appointment and complements what the NHS does. So far I have spent over £30k on specialist equipment to help diagnose and treat my patients’ conditions and injuries. The images are sent to the USA where medical doctors trained as Thermologists, read each image by eye and return a report of recommendations and findings to me.

My extensive studying has taught me when the brain chemistry is out of sync, the whole body, including spinal health, suffers. So I can also refer my patients to a range of well-respected and world leading medical specialists for blood and urine tests to diagnose imbalances in the neurochemistry. Nutritionists and naturopaths can then prescribe the correct supplements and dietary advice to get the immune system rebalanced. This allows me to draw up a realistic treatment plan which fits with each patient’s diagnosis and circumstances.

My motto is to ‘detect, correct, prevent, and educate’. My motivation is putting my patients (from any walk of life or circumstance) back in control with the truth about how to get better and no longer be fearful.  I am driven by value, not profit. My patients tell me they get a little piece of it every time they visit the Rose Clinic.

For a no obligation chat about how I could help you, contact me on 07775 692225 or pop me an email liz@theroseclinic.co.uk

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