We choose Mannatech and Tropic for both supplements and beauty products. Mannatech, known as the science company offer a range of products that contain glyconutrients. This is a groundbreaking area of healthcare technology. Watch the film 'the sweet language of life' and learn about the exciting field of glycobiology and glyconutrients.


Click this link for the shop portal  for the MANNATECH range https://us.mannatech.com/?account=3454706


The Sweet Language of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-spbGlcFpM




Uth facial rejuvenation cream- 4 month study, courtesy of Mannatech

To understand why I choose to work with Mannatech products, take a moment to watch the video below. The products really do work! After years of recurrent tonsilitis, yet none since I began supplementing with the mannatech range, I can personally vouch for it.

Salutem for arterial stiffness


Salutem is a new company with a new range of affordable products. In particular, their 'Arterial Formulation' has the arginine/citrulline K2 D3 etc that reverses arteriosclerosis. £27.50 per tub.

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Lord Sugar's investment into Tropic speaks for itself and the company is soaring! Here is the link to my Tropic page if you are in the mood to shop for some clean natural beautycare products https://www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/elizabethbayliss 

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