Digital Infrared Thermal imaging is available at The Rose Clinic. Today - 22/10/2019 there was a fascinating piece on BBC news website ( and sky news) and the camera involved wasn't even medical grade like ours but it still showed up a hotspot!


Please contact us for further information if you are considering thermography to see if this is of benefit to you or not. It may be that other imaging modalities (Xray MRi CT etc) would be of more benefit and these are readily available on the NHS. 


Prices vary depending on region /s being imaged, beginning at £125 for a region of interest.


Thermography is an investigational tool, mostly looking at areas of inflammation and NOT diagnostic There are many uses in its investigational capacity but is NOT a standalone tool. It does NOT replace Xray, CT MRi Ultrasound or Mammograms. Any internet advertising or clinic sites  which claim thermal imaging is 'diagnostic' and an alternative to the above is incorrect so when you search the internet to read about the subject please be aware of this. 

Arterial stiffness test- for ARTERIOSCLEROSIS (not to be confused with atherosclerosis, which is furring up related to high cholesterol)  

Are your arteries stiff? 


Stiff arteries contribute towards heart attacks and strokes. 


The BP+ takes blood pressure measurements at the elbow and the heart itself- the latter should always be a lower reading. Equal readings can indicate failing medication, and the need to try a different pill.


The BP+ measures arterial stiffness, from which your artery age can be calculated.



The new Uscom BP+™ technology provides simple to use yet highly accurate & repeatable measurement of Central Blood Pressure and Augmentation Index / Arterial stiffness and other haemodynamic parameters. 


Uscom BP+™ technology measures both Brachial (Systolic and Diastolic) & Central Blood Pressure (Systolic and Diastolic) waveform parameters quickly, consistently and simply.


The Uscom BP+™ has been validated against invasive measurements of Central Blood Pressure as well as non-invasive measurements obtained from radial artery tonometry.


The Uscom BP+™ provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements within 40 seconds using a simple oscillometric BP cuff.

£48 (or free when you become a thermography or chiropractic client)  with the UScom BP+     



Chiropractic  £72 initial consultation £48 follow ups 

Activator Methods and the Impulse IQ

The reason we offer what we offer, is because they compliment each other so well.


I use Activator Method Chiropractic protocol, teamed with the impulse IQ, which gives a very fast gentle adjustment. I have been in practice for 14 yrs and spent 13 of these practising this way. My clients are not only locals, but some travel from up to 3 hrs away (and some from France) to see me, which I take as a huge compliment! Contact me for a discussion as to whether Chiropractic would be of benefit to you. 


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